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Henrique San is a visual artist who loves his creatures. His particular style of illustration materializes in projects (children's books, record covers, posters) for clients in 23 countries in the Americas, Europe and Oceania. The themes range from children's to retro, always seeking to convey something cheerful and colorful.

His art is inspired by the fun retro world of cartoons, beaches and bars where Dean Martin might have, once, paid a soda to Mr. Magoo while listening to Henry Mancini music. If said encounter happened or not is irrelevant: in Henrique's work, characters from any era emerge in the colorful scenery of an unheard-of series that would've have been televised in the 1960s. The references include the Golden Books series, packaging and advertisements, but his sensibility is in tune with our contemporary world.

  • Record cover designs, posters and illustrations for customers in 23 countries, such as Rockstar Records (UK), Editora Ases da Literatura (Brazil /Portugal), and Stag-O-Lee (Germany), music festivals such as Nashville Boogie Weekender (USA) and Rock 'n' Roll Town (Ireland).

  • In 2017, he was one of the artists participating in the exhibition Tiki, Sailor and Hula 3, in Geneva, Switzerland.

  • One of the 50 artists chosen to have his work included in the book Rockabilly and Psychobilly Art, released by the American publisher Schiffer in 2018.

  • Over the years his work has been featured in interviews and articles, in Brazil and abroad, being the most recent for the Exotica Moderne magazine, in May 2023.

Flag Germany.png

Ralph Braband, Rhythm Bomb Records


"We love to work with Henrique. He got a unique style and when it comes to Tiki/Exotica/1950s Style he is our First choice. Easy to work with, great communication skills and always in time. What can you ask more from a grafix artist?"

Flag UK.png

Fritz Buzzsaw, Buzzsaw Joint


"Henrique's art takes you on an unstoppable weird journey through 50s glamour to 60s rock ʻnʼ roll trash that will make your eyes go wow!"

Flag Sweden.png

Magnus Lanshammar,  The Kokomo Kings Sweden

“Henrique has become like a 5th member of The Kokomo Kings. To me, his artwork is just as important as the music on our albums!"

Flag Mexico.png

Mario Venton, The Ventons

“Since a long time ago I have been a fan of vintage designs and illustrations, in fact I was delighted with Henrique's work when I discovered it on vinyls and thought that someday it would be an honor to have something like this, so came true with the incredible art for my band album. Simply shocking.”

Flag USA.png

“Lil” Mo, Multy-tasked artist


“For the last five years or more there has been no one else We have turned to in our merch' design. Healways delivers wonderful retro design thats half "Madman", half Tiki bar with a lot of rum and coconut added on!”

Flag Germany.png

Ray Black, Black Shack Recordings


“First time I worked with Henrique was exactly two years ago, for the debut album of my band Ray Black & The Flying Carpets. I never would have thought that the process with an illustrator in Brazil, with me sitting in Germany would go so quick, professional and with amazing quality.”

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