About Henrique San


Henrique San is an illustrator, nostalgic for a time he never knew. From Porto Alegre, he explores the esthetic of 50s and 60s culture in exhibitions as well as editorial and commercial pieces. Their features are inspired by the fun retro world of drinks, beaches and bars where maybe one day Dean Martin had bought a shot for Johnny Cash to the sound of mysterious melodies from Martin Denny. Whether this encounter happened or not, isn´t important: in the work of San, personalities from any period can appear in a colorful scene from an unheard-of cartoon which should have been televised in the 60s. There is a touch of mystery in the air, in James Bond fashion, and a little beach entertainment typical of an Elvis Presley film shot in Hawaii. The cartoons and retro music are a starting point, but the references don´t end there and include packaging, advertising and movies from the period.



"Rat Pack, Tiki´s, Rock-a-Billy and Oompa Loompas! The references of brazilian digital artist Henrique San are varied, but always linked to the vast universe of pop and retro culture. Although the artist lives in Rio Grande do Sul, his art could easily have been produced in Las Vega, California or an island in the South Pacific. Henrique´s illustrations make me want to put a Henry Mancini (or Les Baxter) LP in the record player, prepare a dry martini (or a Mai Tai), and remember a golden era which no longer exists (and most likely never existed). Aloha! "

Duda Leite, director of documentary Tikimentary - In Search of The Lost Paradise